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Poor Business Ethics

by Joey Vincent Jr. on 03/09/12

Ive been with sprint for quite some time now. I have three lines,..an internet card, a blackberry & an iphone. Sprint is charging me a $250 cancellation fee because i was just past a day late on a 14 day return policy for a internet card upgrade. In the beginning i spoke with one of their representatives to find out what my options might be. I told them my situation and decided to give the mifi wireless a try. Long story short, i wanted to return it the same night. It was worse then my original air card. (Wack). So on the next business day I bring that one back, and decided to give them the benefit of the doubt & tried their other option that they had available. Again, I took it home,..not much of a difference. "major buffering on media, video & audio. Slow all around, uploads, downloads, freezing browsers. should i keep going? Str8 garbage. If i had to find anything positive to say about it, i would say that if its your only option at the time for what ever reason, use what you have. unless that service meets your needs. I was aware of the 14 day return policy. i even called them on two more separate occasions before hand, to see if there was anything else they could do on there end to resolve my issue before my 14 days were up. Again no luck. After all this, I ended up returning the unit a day and a half late. Don't remember if it was because of a schedule conflict, or maybe i just got side tracked and was late. The end result,..Sprint tells me "you knew you had a 14 day return policy, and i am obligated to pay the $250 cancellation fee, plus the 15 days of service + tax,..wtf? i understand policy and procedures quite clearly. but were is the ethics with in your business practice Sprint?

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1. Jim Harris said on 3/21/12 - 09:51AM
I bought a Sprint Phone and they said I had 14 days to return it. I changed my mind and returned it within 14 days. They charged me an activation fee because I did use the phone for 6 minutes. I thought they were waving the activiation fee when I bought the phone but I cannot remember. I tried to return some equipment I bought but I did not have my Credit Card with me. By the time I got the Credit Card it was beyond the 14 days and they would not return the charger and case for a phone I do not have! I called Customer Service and they said they could not do anything and to go back to the store. This is ridiculous. I had my receipt the first two times I tried to return it but now I have lost it.
2. F. Deras said on 3/23/12 - 04:28PM
I have been lied with one of the Sprint phone Reps. I changed my plan based on a company discount. After it was approved, I called to reject it, I explained very clearly I had a better offer for my services, if I couldn't get the discount I wanted, I would take the offer from another company, and the rep told me my discount was posted as I agreed and asking me to wait one or two months to see the discount. After the 30-day grace period, my bill showed up with the discount as I disagreed. I called them again, and I found rude people telling me I have to pay ETF if I leave Sprint. Because I have a better offer, I moved my services to the other company. I received my last Sprint bill, and I am supposed to pay a termination fee plus taxes for $ 234.00 because of this customer-service rep liar. Now the Sprint rep says I agree with the early termination's fee, and I agree with the proposed discount, and of course; they don’t have any records when the customer-service rep. lied to me. As a consumer I have been ripped off, because I made a decision to stay with Sprint based on the word of the rep. and I don’t have in writing my conversation when I agreed the discount with the customer service. I am not alone; I found a lot of complains in the internet with the same issue. Customers were been lied to take advantage with charges.
3. oscar said on 3/25/12 - 05:05PM
sprint corp. could not fix my HTC EVO and they had to order me another unit, well i had to wait 2 weeks since it wa on backorder, i asked if they had a loaner and he said "sorry we dont have loaners" so i asked him what does sprint do when your tech is unable to fix the phone are you going to tell the customer sorry but your srewed? well i called sprint and customer service was able to help me do my early up grade at for a $65 charge that took place 3/19/2012 on 3.20 i went back for to get a new phone now i noticed the galaxy 2 s and the same guy sal told me that phone is really good i told him yes it had goor review so i asked him if i could try it and he said you have 14 days i said not to mention there polices is not posted up on there wall its next to their computers...anyways as i cross the street to the post office my phone froze, ok i have not even started to download anything just simply change my location on the time zone, i went back to sprint to talk to sal, when he saw my phone he said "what did you to it" i said nothing i was just changing the time zone, he took it back to tech and he came out that software needed up grade WAIT THATS A LIE because thats the first thing i did at the post office to do an upgrade and it did not need it... i didnt say nothing, he came out handed me the phone and i did the same thing and it froze... ok so he just said you must of had a bad batch so got me another one same phone, and i asked him since i was unable to use the phone am i gong to get penalized for the exchange he said not...3.23 i went back to sprint and i just want the iphone, sal was there so he came up to me and said there is a 35 restocking fee i said sure, as he went back and came out he told me that his supervisor said that he cant to an exchange since i have already did, ARE YOU EFEN KIDDING ME, oh no i told sal you told me i had a 14 day window and he said sorry it our policy i was so made i spoke to supervioser and they dont have managers ... she said its our policy that any exchange is counted as an exchange and i said even if i just had the phone for 2 hrs and was deffective and your guy sal said that i could exchange it.. she said sorry oh i called sprint 20 to see that they can do... all i can say that is the reason that sprint has a distric manager and a customer that has been lied to unable to email him or contact him or her? i just have a feeling that sprint advertises false information regarding there hight customer service that not customer service that shady customer service and not to mention the superviser is all ghetto.... so as for sprint mangers have told me to wait 24-48 hrs.... SO SPRINT IF U READ THIS I THINK SAL AND KATIE SHOULD BE FIRED OR WRITTEN UP FOR THERE UNPROFFESIONALISOM AND SHITTY CUSTOMER SERVICE..... OH BY THE WAY I AM FROM BAKERSFIELD.... CA
4. oscar said on 3/25/12 - 05:15PM
lets just say the sprint store in bakersfield ca the corporate store are very rude and need to go to school regarding how to explain procedures and policies... sprint tech support was unable to fix my phone so i had to call 1800 number thank god that they were able to give me an early upgrade but had to pay 65 buck, now as i got the galaxy 2 sal told me that i have 14 days i said cool cause my next option is the iphone, well 2 hrs later i come back phone froze, i showed it to him and he noticed the screen going black... well he took it back to tech support and told me it just needed software update,wait i just did that before i brought it back and there was no software update so thats a bunch a lie, now he comes out and it did the same thing, so he said well sorry you must of got a bad phonoe so get got me the same phone, and i asked him am i going to be penalized he said no since i was unable to use it and test it, cool i left this took place 3/19.12 on 3.23.12 i \ent back and sal was there and i told him i want the iphone he said there is 35 restocking fee ok, well he goes back and comes out and says superviser say sorry that i cant exchange the phone i looked at him and i said u told me tue since it was a deffective phone i was not going to get penalized for it, oh sal says its our policy once you exchange the phone its a done deal, wait if he would of tole me when i took the first phone i would of just gotten the iphone oh no i asked for superviser she said the same thing.... i asked where is the policy cause i dont see it posted up sal gets the policy next to his computers thats a really good place to keep it... so whats the real policy regarding 14 days exchange, if the phone is deffective unable to be used is the customer still going to be penalized for it? come sprint.... you can do better than that.... sprint claim to be the highest in customer serivce or should i say shady customer service? all i want is truthfull answer but nothing all i just have to wait till the so called escalations team calls me back since customers are not allowed to contace or distric managers... and they say customer service is there #1..PROVE IT...
5. oscar said on 3/25/12 - 05:23PM
bakersfield ca, corporate store stockdale....no managers only supervisors.... whats with having a distric manager and unble to contact or email him regarding concerns and katie who is supervisor and sal who lies and makes customers buy and phone and 2 hrs later bring it back do to deffects and unable to fix and was given same phone and i asked if i would be penalized for it he said no, this took place 3.19/12..3/23/12 took phone back sal was there i said i want the iphone he said ok but 35 restocking fee i said ok he went back comes out nothing he said sorry supervisor said no since i had already exchanged it , i looked at him and told he if he recalls what i was told tue he said its policy so basically i was lied to and i talked to supervisor katy she said sorry since u exhanged the first one i said it was deffective and i just hasd it 2 hrs .... she said sorry it policy my concern is sprint does not care, and they say they are number 1 in customer satisfactory,,PROVE IT..... so now my information is on escaaltion and i am fighting this... cause i never had the change to use the phone at all and i am getting penalized for that ? oh were is the distric managers well i asked and i was told customers are not allowed to talk to them ..someone needs to be fired or written up.... by the way i would not deal with katy or sal..
6. oscar said on 3/25/12 - 05:23PM
....no managers only supervisors.... whats with having a distric manager and unble to contact or email him regarding concerns and katie who is supervisor and sal who lies and makes customers buy and phone and 2 hrs later bring it back do to deffects and unable to fix and was given same phone and i asked if i would be penalized for it he said no, this took place 3.19/12..3/23/12 took phone back sal was there i said i want the iphone he said ok but 35 restocking fee i said ok he went back comes out nothing he said sorry supervisor said no since i had already exchanged it , i looked at him and told he if he recalls what i was told tue he said its policy so basically i was lied to and i talked to supervisor katy she said sorry since u exhanged the first one i said it was deffective and i just hasd it 2 hrs .... she said sorry it policy my concern is sprint does not care, and they say they are number 1 in customer satisfactory,,PROVE IT..... so now my information is on escaaltion and i am fighting this... cause i never had the change to use the phone at all and i am getting penalized for that ? oh were is the distric managers well i asked and i was told customers are not allowed to talk to them ..someone needs to be fired or written up....
7. I've been a Sprint customer for many years... - I had a family plan (my son and I) and I bought a "fem-to-cell" because the service is crappy in my area. One day in the store, I got convinced by a Sprint rep to port my daughter’s VZ number over to our Spr said on 3/30/12 - 02:37PM
I've been a Sprint customer for many years... - I had a family plan (my son and I) and I bought a "fem-to-cell" because the service is crappy in my area. One day in the store, I got convinced by a Sprint rep to port my daughter’s VZ number over to our Sprint family plan ... I was offered a couple key differentiating factors to move her - 1) - A discounted new phone (she was all over that) 2) a $125 port in credit, and 3) free service activation... Sounded like a good deal - so I decided to go for it... Got the phone activated, the number ported over, filled out the porting paperwork (online), all good... Then I got my first bill - low and behold - an activation fee and no porting credit! - whoa - I was told there would be no activation fee - in fact the sales person actually put on my contract where I was supposed to sign "no fees" (in the signature block). I promptly called Sprint and was basically told to go pound sand. They told me the sales rep had no authority to offer a no-fee sale. I asked about the porting credit, and I was told they take 61 days to post. OK - so I wait some 61+ days - finally get a Sprint bill - still no porting credit. I call Sprint customer service and they tell me "the credit should have been posted this month" - then they tell me I should get the credit, and that they will escalate it to get it taken care of next month - if there is any issue, they will call me within 48 hours... So I wait the 48 hours - no call - figure credit OK. Next bill comes in - STILL no credit. Call again - speak with multiple people, put on hold for an eternity, and in essence spend 1.5+ hours on the phone with various reps telling me that because I bought my phone on the 3rd of Oct, and the offer expired on the 1st of Oct, that I would not get the credit. They explained that their sales rep was apparently mistaken in telling me I would qualify and probably didn’t know the program expired. I guess the website was still up accepting credit requests even though it was not supposed to be - and I guess the previous times I called asking about it, nobody actually noticed I was not going to get it because everyone assumed it was good to go... Of course NEVER while I could still return my phone did anyone tell me I was not going to get the “deal” that was offered. So here I am - out the activation fee, and out the porting credit, and furious as these are the only reasons I went with the phone in the first place. Now I'm told the only recourse I have is to complain to the store (which just tells me I have to talk to Sprint Customer Service as there is nothing they can do) or to cancel my service and pay a $350 early termination fee. I feel this contract was entered illegally - and in fact, I actually never signed any contract, all that is on the signature block of the contract is the rep writing "no fees" to "guarantee" me I wouldn't have to pay any fees. I asked for copies of my contracts and was told I would have to subpoena Sprint to get them. So I'm told I can go ahead and take up the issue legally and file in small claims court and that is my prerogative etc, but as far as Sprint is concerned, they are not going to make good on any promises made by any sales reps - basically Sprint Customer Service couldn't care less whether or not I stay on as a customer (though laughingly, they did offer me a $100 credit to sign on for another $350 cancellation fee on one of the phones I already served out my contract on) - so as they are going to bill me $350 for the termination, I figured I might as well check on cancelling the whole plan - that will add another $140 – they then offered to cancel the whole thing for me… so I agreed - Heck, if Customer Service is so good that they offer to cancel my whole family's service because their sales rep misrepresented a sale, I'm inclined to agree with them and take my business elsewhere... I think I get $100/phone for port-in to another carrier, and I should be able to sell my 3 Sprint Phones and Air Rave for a couple hundred bucks or so, so that should cover any fees - and I'll certainly file with the courts and send a letter to the Attorney General's office - this practice of promising rebates and refunds, and then reneging has to fall under some consumer law of bait/switch or illegal tactics, or something which would make it illegal... So, in a nutshell - Called Sprint and all I wanted was my $125 credit that was promised, and now I’m moving all my lines and soon to be engaged in a legal dispute with them... Way to go Customer Service! Job well done! Ken
8. overbilled every month said on 3/30/12 - 02:47PM
Since signing up for 2 more years with new Smart Phones, sprint has overbilled us every month. the first month they added on $60 in additional Apps they said I had signed up for. I had not signed up or even looked at the apps in question and in fact had only signed up for one free Word with Friends app. They said they would split the difference and after threats to quit the service, finally dropped the charges. They also overcharged me $7.68 on regular charges, but credited it when questioned. Since then there are just small overcharges. The way their bills are written, they add on the second line twice, not deducting the full $110 for the second phone. they also added the 19.99 for the second phone 2 times on my bill, crediting once for it. There are so many unnecessary charges and credit listed it makes it hard to figure out without pulling out a calculator. On Jan. bill I was overcharged $67.68, Feb bill I was overcharged $8.42, March bill overcharge was $7.78. These overcharges are not evicent unless you really look for them. I think Sprint knows about these, and would not credit me unless called on them. When they do give you a credit there is no explaination of why the overcharge, or why the credit, so they can not be te=raced. Do you know how much money they must be making on unsuspecting customers? multiply my $6 a month by how many millions of customers and you have a very healthy profit margin without any expense attached. A pretty penney or two for their stockholders I would say...at our expense. Another complaint I have is their discrimination against people who do not know how to use computers. the new Fee for a detailed bill is unfair to those who are not computer literate. I imagine their stockholders don't pay for the detailed stock report they get each month either.
9. MIKE said on 3/30/12 - 07:45PM
BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR OVER 12 YEARS now, under no contract, called to see about getting new phones and service, played phone tag for over a month reps,kept sayins they would call us back, thats a joke, so went to verizon got new phones 3/29/12 and called sprint on 3/30/12 to stop service wife asked LADY ON PHONE ABOUT BILL ONLY 9 DAYS INTO NEW MONTH ABOUT PRORATING BILL SHE TOLD MY WIFE WE WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THE WHOLE MONTH THAT IT WAS SPRINT'S WAY OF SAYING GOOD BYE I WILL TELL EVERYONE I TALK TO ABOUT SPRINT'S CUSTOMER NO SERVICE
10. Jo said on 5/16/12 - 08:27AM
Very RUDE GUY @ Middletown,Oh store. went there today to activate a new phone line. (which we have 15 lines on our account). two lines are for when we hire new employees. I walk in, tell him I need to activate new line, he said, not to be rude, but I've seen you in here on numerous times upgrading phones. you should of upgraded thru us instead of with a REP. we don't get payed for doing this. SURE THEY DO, THAT'S THERE JOB...I DON'T CARE WHO WE GET THE PHONES FROM...then he went on our account and said the phones we're not listed. so I leave, go back to office get on our account, and the phones wre listed. had to call sprint to get activated...SO MY POINT IS, DON'T WANT TO DO YOUR JOB, QUIT....
11. Chan said on 5/28/12 - 06:04PM
I have a Evo phone it just stop working on me.I took phone to sprint store to check it out spoken a supervisor Carl, I asked him have there been a lots of problems with this phone he stated yes, there have been problems asked like with phone just shutting down he said yes and problems with internet services, so he looks at my accout notice.I didnt have insurance on phone he started trying to take back what he said in the beginning of conversation,I was upset with sprint at this point.So he advised me to buy another phone.I Carl you never check the phone out before you advise me to buy something,So i left my phone with them came back 2hours later he told me it was water in phone,I told it was water he said maybe sweat.Sprint is not like that used to be,but customer service is good they have always been there for me.Its just they want own up to there phones are just have defect.
12. EnidTracy said on 6/13/12 - 06:30PM
I was charged ROAMING FEES when I made calls from my late husbands hospital room in the intensive care unit. I called to inquire about these roaming fees only, not to get new offers but I received them from an obviously uninformed so-called customer service rep. She offered packages that she didn't add to my account costing me $75.00. She did not tell me anything about PRORATING anything so instead of LOWERING MY BILL, IT DOUBLED!!! I am so done with this lying company. They bill anything they want to and if you don't pay you get cut off.
13. israel hernandez said on 6/15/12 - 08:30PM
14. israel hernandez said on 6/15/12 - 08:32PM
15. israel hernandez said on 6/15/12 - 08:33PM
16. Marie Weathers said on 6/15/12 - 10:24PM
I was with metro for years and finally decided to switch over to sprint wireless,..biggest fucking mistake of my life!!!! Beware of the small print in the contracts,..and hissen charges!!!
17. Sparkey said on 7/11/12 - 04:11PM
We get no Sprint signal at our house. They jerked us around with their Air Rave until the 14 days passed and then told us... 1. We can't expect Spring to work inside buildings. 2. We can't expect Sprint to work outside. 3. We can't expect Sprint to work if there are trees outside. 4. If we move to a different house we might be OK. 5. The iPhones we bought are still their property.
18. EC said on 7/18/12 - 01:40PM
Apparently Sprint would rather give up $115 per month so that they can keep their $4.99 spending limit fee on the account. I will be taking my business else where. I have been with them since 2008 and they will not remove it because my bill is late 2-3 times per year. Guess what? I pay a late fee everytime that happens AND they always get their money. Bye bye Sprint.
19. Janice said on 7/24/12 - 08:04AM
I am so disappointed with Sprint right now. I have been a customer for over 9 years. My 16 year old daughter is out of the country right now and Sprint told me her phone will work out of the country but it does not. Sure, we have dealt with it, she uses email or uses her group friends phone. I just talked to them in regards to getting her the EVO LTE and they told me that her contract is up in December and she but can get an upgrade on Sept. 1st. I wanted to have her phone here once she returns. I brought up the fact of how long I've been a customer and that I was lied to by Sprint regarding my daughters phone working. Sprint then told me that I could pay $50 to get the early upgrade. That is preposterous. I am done with Sprint.
20. Fran LaCognata said on 7/27/12 - 03:37PM
I have had nothing but problems with Sprint service. Since March 2012 it is much worse. I have 3 phones on my plan and cant use any of them inside our home. I have called many, many, many times and they tell me they are updating their systems, but cant tell me when they will be finished. I had to purchase a prepaid phone just to make and receive calls. I want Spring to release me without termination fees as this service is not my fault, it is Spring service that is bad. A credit will not help at this point.
21. Brian Chandlee said on 7/30/12 - 08:27AM
I too have had nothing but problems since day 1! Their customer service tells you one thing then input in your comments something else. I was told I had 90 days,due to financial situation, to exchange a free phone they gave me(motorala smart phone). Come to find out,after dealing with retention reps claiming to be managers and supervisors,that I only had 14 days!! I feel as though this is a bait and switch! I am now awaiting for a call from someone who is supposed to be of higher authority.
22. Linda Orsburn said on 8/6/12 - 12:09PM
We have been sprint customers for 18 years and have always been please until we signed a new contract five months ago. We received a new upgraded phone and they have never worked right since we have had them. We have gone back to the sales person, he directed us to another Sprint store for repair. There they did a master reset and sent us home. We keep calling customer care and they direct us somewhere else. We just went to another repair store, they did a scan on the phones and said they are ok. We get home and have the same problems with the Samsung Ultra. I called customer care today and asked to speak to a supervisor to be told they are too busy. I explained ALL the problems we have been having and that I think the phones are faulty. I have a list of names, dates, and times we have called Sprint. I never have received the call from a supervisor and we still have the phones with the problems. Do you think they have ever offered to replace these phones? No!
23. quintin h. said on 8/7/12 - 05:34AM
I recently switch to sprint to lower my phone bill...I was told by serval reps of what my phone bill will the first and continuing months ..I got my first bill and it was over twice the amount tht I was told....I can't afford to pay tht..I have family tht counts on me to help with there medical bills...they told me tht they will give me an extra five days...I was like I was lied to never aware of this at all...they told Me its like paying rent...I said this is a phone not a house! And I was told these or valid charges...but the service rep..supervisor n the manager where like it is kinda like over charging...then how r these charges valid if it is over charging...I bet not many people at sprint have sprint service....
24. quinton h. said on 8/7/12 - 06:00AM
I am going to contact my state attorney general about this ...
25. Terry said on 8/11/12 - 08:25PM
Poor data service with device. Shuts off. Batteries bulge. It is clear sprint does not care. Poorest service I have had. Then greed by not prorating for days you did not use service after canceling.
26. Bri M. said on 8/24/12 - 07:36AM
POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! i have been with Sprint for over 10 yrs and recently had the Iphone4s stolen. The line is locked into a contract til Dec2013. the insurance I pay for does not cover lost or stolen I asked for an exception if they would offer the refurbished one at 99 AND upgrade my other line with NEW phone. The CSR couldn't do that! I asked for a supervisor...it's been 4 days NOTHING! I have called everyday and they tell me a super will call. I don't think my request is going to bankrupt Sprint!
27. Betty Blume said on 8/29/12 - 07:58AM
My son Nick lost his phone three months ago. He tried to cancel his service, but Sprint would allow it as he could remember his pass word or favorite pet name he submitted. My son has been going through Chemo for the last three months. He is very ill. I tried to cance his service with no avail. Sprint continues to send invoices every month with every month payment added. I paid $125 initially (which wasn't owed) just to cancel the account, but Sprint continues to bill my son. Sprint has now turned the $210 bill over to a collection Agency. I want someone to cancel his service and I want someone to submit a letter to clear up his credit rating and cancel the Collection Agency harrassment. Thank you. Betty Blume
28. K said on 9/5/12 - 06:10PM
Sprint customer service = Nasty, under educated minorities who likes the facts that theys can tells you hows it iss'f. day owns dat day worlve and it' belong ta dem
29. Dave said on 9/12/12 - 05:01PM
My phone quit working. Contacted Sprint got the run around one agent says this the other says that etc, one credits my account one tells me to look at refurbished phones on their website but low and behold everything in my price range is out of stock. one tells me I can order phone on the web, another tells me You cant order phone on web from credit on account has to be paid for at time of order. I am so frustrated right now I have to cut these short. I will never do business with Sprint again. I pay bills before due date and what do you get. A NERVOUS BREAK Thank You
30. Darin Wilson said on 9/24/12 - 04:55PM
I have been a Sprint customer since 2001. This year when I upgraded my device in February, I purchased the Samsung GS2. I was assured the premium data that I would now be charged was for faster 4G coverage, that would be rolled out in April. Spring became summer, summer has now become fall. Still no 4G. Only sluggish 3G, which makes my GS2 about as fast as my previous Samsung Intercept. Every time I call customer service, a different excuse and date for 4G coverage is given, yet I am still required to pay the "premium data" fee each month. Sprint needs to get their act together, and quit lying to their customers.
31. Michael Gonzales, San Antonio, TX said on 10/7/12 - 08:16AM
If you've ever been screwed over by Sprint (we all have), sign the petition on Change.org. http://www.change.org/petitions/sprint-nextel-corporation-suck-a-fat-cock
32. Morgann said on 10/30/12 - 11:34PM
I talked to 3 sprint workers about getting my Iphone 5, i walked in and put $50 down to have my Iphone reserved when it came in. I got a call saying it arrived and i went to pick it up today, when i went in the manager came out and got the phone, tells me i have to pay $600 for it when 3 of his workers said i only have to pay $100. The manager was rude and arrogant. I will never go to the sprint store in Frisco Texas again! So now i have to wait until December and i waisted $50 dollars. Thanks sprint. Sincerley, Switching to AT&T.
33. Donna K said on 12/5/12 - 04:37PM
I bought a Sprint Samsung S in August of 2011. I spend $140 per month and neither my car charger will work, nor the home charger. Wouldn't you think that for this much $ per month, a charger would charge the phone? They are probably worth $2....why sell junk attachments to your expensive phones? I ALSO HAVE A BROADBAND CARD through Spring....THE WORST. DON'T BOTHER!
34. A smith said on 12/10/12 - 05:10PM
Been a customer since 2001. Sprint just lost my business with a bait and switch. There customer care department said I could add a sixth line to my family plan, so I ordered another phone then they when I got it they charged me for a complete separate line, I called back and they said I could just call customer care again and get it switched, so I did and they said again it had to be a separate line so I sent it back. Classic Bait and switch.
35. LINDA said on 12/11/12 - 04:29PM
Sprint has the worst customer service ppl I dont know how they train these ppl but they lie, argue, rude and very sneaky. I have found that they response very quickly to FCC complaints. If you cant get satisfaction this will make them jump.
36. Marcella Meints said on 1/1/13 - 10:48AM
Went to sprint store yesterday,was told they were working on getting my service area back-left phone#and address.Still don'thave service-Happy New Year!I now have to drive over to check on my elderly mom,What is going onSprint?
37. never get sprint said on 1/1/13 - 05:26PM
i've had Verizon and they were pretty decent.. all i can say about sprint is complete garbage and headaches. the representative at their store did everything wrong and now i have fees. called costumer service and they just send me back and forth from the store to costumer service. worst service ever paying for the mistakes of their bad representatives. also when i went to complain to the store manager she connected me to costumer service again and started to check her facebook. thats what sprint calls good costumer service..
38. Brandon said on 1/12/13 - 08:30AM
Sprint can suck it. No need to tell my story, very similar to the rest of the complaints.
39. Brandon said on 1/12/13 - 08:33AM
I forgot one thing F U sprint. Love Brandon
40. Kim said on 2/25/13 - 05:31PM
I was told in November from a Sprint store that my contract was up in January and I was not eligible for an upgrade until August. It was further verified before I canceled in February and got a new phone for free. Now I receive a bill charging me for a pro-rated contract termination fee. They are denying everything and saying that the contract was not up until August. I wouldn't have gotten a new contract and waited until August. They sent me around for an hour through 5 different people making me repeat the same thing over and over. Do not ever use them for your service as they have louzy coverage, especially if you go out of the country, and people have the right to know. I will never do business with them again. Sneaky company.
41. GERARDO LEDESMA said on 2/25/13 - 05:35PM
I'm have a problem with my phone since 10/12 I call customer services explain that miss calls, received voicemail the next day, lost signal everywhere after three times they reset my phone and the problem continued. they offer me to wait until 12/16 12 to upgrade the phones I call on the 12/20/12 and other customer services said I not qualified for upgrade now,I been waiting almost two month and still has no resolve my problem; I have no choice to switch the company. After I change my lines I received a final bill and charge for early termination fee, I call again explained the worst customer services they don't care when I call never call me back and I no going to pay that bill because I was always try to resolve my issue but I don't received help from Sprint
42. Dominique B. said on 2/27/13 - 04:40PM
I just typed over 200 words discrediting (s)print and tried to submit it. I posted no profanities or inappropriate material. I simply told my entire horrible experience with (s)print. Guess what? They marked it as spam. If that doesn't show that this space is censored, then communist China is the freest society in the world! I simply hate (s)print! Their reps have flat out lied to me and my mother and changed my contract without my knowledge. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! avoid them! You will regret it terribly! I'm going to T-Mobile. And NO i don't work for T-Mobile!
43. Farhan Khan said on 3/15/13 - 07:58AM
Sprint Sucks. Bad service all around.
44. Larry said on 3/20/13 - 07:32PM
We moved our three personal phones from a corporate account and opened a personal account with Sprint. We were told that we could have up to five phones on our account. When we tried to add a fourth phone we were told that we could not, but we could open a new account for the fourth phone at a cost of $100 + rather than add it to our exixting account for about $30.00 Think we were deceived! Going shopping for a new carrier tomorrow. I have heard that Sprint is in serious financial difficulty. Must be true. Approved for an additional $100 account, but not $30 more as originally promised?
45. Larry Greenwood said on 3/20/13 - 07:34PM
My wife and I moved our sprint account from being a member in a corporate account to our own personal account, after being with Sprint for at least ten years. We moved three personal phones to a personal account and were assured that we could have up to five phones. Our account is current and when we tried to add the fourth phone, we were told that we could not. We were told that we could open an additional account for the one phone at a cost of $100 + rather than add to existing account for $30
46. john and andrea wiley said on 4/5/13 - 04:32PM
We have ben with sprint for 8 years but when want to up grade 2 of our 5 phones you say they are free phones but you want to charge us 32 dollars a piece for a activation fee. THAT IS BULL. I guess we will look for a new phone company to take our 250 dollars a month.
47. Jody said on 4/19/13 - 11:14AM
I tried to leave my complaint and their system said it contained words or information not accepted by SPRINT. I did not use any profanity AT ALL. I did however explain some truths about their service, or lack there of. Interesting how they stopped my post.
48. Cheated said on 4/25/13 - 09:15PM
Long time satisfied customer who when asked to stop using Sprint in South and North Dakota did so to save sprint money. Now Sprint took away my discount. I can get a VERIFIED discount for 8% less than I had before this is a sleazy company
49. Kelly Foster Stark said on 4/29/13 - 09:28AM
Sprint is horrible. I have been with them over a decade and they just took employer discount away for no reason and even though I have until March 2014 still under contract...they are makng us renew for 2 more years to keep gettin discount. When you call about it. Plan on no less than 5 calls and they won't return a call to you with a supervisor. On phone hours total and So over life of contract it will be $240 more due to losing discount. Employer is same and under contract..how can you change terms under contract but person with contact bound by terms. I am going to notify BBB and my friend a reporter with local news to investigate. DON"T GO WITH SPRINT!!!!!
50. LaDarius King said on 4/30/13 - 01:09AM
Had one of my phone lines taken off my account in store 3225 poplar ave by a female and some guy. I tired to get sprint to place the phone back on my account and send me another phone but they say she has to be in the store with me to transfer the line back. The line was originally mine the I guess the store didn't ask for identification when they took it off my account. Don't changes to someone account you need to show proof of who you are but maybe not for that store.
51. Gaynell Smith said on 5/17/13 - 05:06PM
I was a U.S. Cellular customer and they informed me that Sprint was taking over their towers and also offering a deal for switching over. I went to a Sprint store and the sales representative lied about everything. He told me that the Galaxy III was $150.00 each but If I got 3 now I could get them for $100.each. He also told me that I got two free gifts for buying the 3 phones. A Galaxy III battery charger and a Wireless headset. Well in reality the phones were $50.00 each and he charged me for the two free gifts. I was highly upset the next week when I realized what had happened. This representative took advantage of me and charged this to my card. I took the equipment back and asked the manager for my money to be put back on my card. I never received an apology all he said was oh well. I would appreciate if someone would call me back on this matter. This is really bad business and I felt like I was robbed.
52. Kerry Carter said on 5/24/13 - 01:27PM
I was with sprint for approx. 8 yrs with no problem until January of this year. In January, local tower had problems leaving us with no sprint signal & only roaming signal which was awful. After 3 complaints to sprint & no help, we were forced to change to another carrier for service. Sprint stuck me with almost 600.00 worth of charges for early termination on 2 phones regardless that there tower was the problem. No consideration was given for long term service with them. Sprint even sent me a credit bureau threat letter even thou last check sent to them was cashed for full payment. I would never suggest sprint to ANYONE.
53. Brian Marquez said on 6/10/13 - 06:20PM
I have been in sprint for almost three years. I never really had a problem with sprint until i did a family line plan and i had gotten two request for two lines being canceled it too k them more than 2 months to get them canceled and i had to pay extra for two lines that were cancelor excuse me had asked sprint representatives to cancel and they had put it on hold for a month and the next month had put it on hold they gave me a credit but are still charging me an extra $130 for two lines that are longer jn service just because sprint representatives didn't do their job like they were supposed to. i am very disappointed because they think money grows on trees for mw to be giving away money for something we are not using. And for a lady named cheran tks think its alright to make me sound like im a retard and have a high tone voice with me until i asked for her name she wanted to be nice once again. Very bad service didn't expect this from sprint.
54. Rose Myers said on 6/12/13 - 02:14PM
55. Roger Gaylord said on 6/13/13 - 03:31PM
Sprint data 3g service is horrible in the Sacrameto area. First Sprint sold us two phones that work with 4G lte about a year ago and did not advise us that the 4g lte was not in our area and to top it off when we did inquire about the 4g lte they do not know when it will be in our area. We went for a 4g phone to a 3g phone paying Sprint over $500.00 dollars for a downgrade. Back to the original complaint - our 3g service is slower then a 1500 baud modem most of the time. We have filed complaints without results. We are paying Sprint almost $300.00 dollars a month and getting some of the worst cell service in town and they are charging an additional fee for data that doesnt work. I'm to the point of canceling service with Sprint and then having a chat with my lawyer about filing a civil lawsuit if it doesn't get resolved very soon. It really feels like Sprint is just taking my money for a service that is not being given.
56. Kim Bischoff said on 6/27/13 - 08:35PM
My experience pretty much matches all the others. No morals,digity, or ethics have been shown except by one employee and even that went nowhere. Sprint continues to sell (even today) to customers they KNOW they can't service. I have given them every chance to do what is right but tonight they pretty much told me Sprint will do nothing. So...Class action Lawsuit will be opened very soon if not already out there and I'm just not aware of it yet. Anyone who wants to sign on please write to energy.bischoff@gmail.com Just name and contact info please! Thank you.
57. m.freeman said on 6/28/13 - 05:00PM
I am not understanding why sprint cannot tell me or give me an accurate answer on why the automatic system told me that I owned one price and now they saying I'm not sure why it said that and it will not let me see why or where the fee came from and that I am responsible for the remainder of the incorrect fee on top of my new bill. WTF. I am not happy and I don't think I am going to keep them as my provider.
58. Gary said on 7/24/13 - 12:15PM
Sprint sucks big time. Don't get suckered in by them.
59. Phil Restrepo said on 8/11/13 - 11:08AM
I have been in the Fresno area since 2008 and I noticed an awesome improvement in 4G LTE service from Verizon, AT&T and T mobile, but Sprint still has a very slow 3G and terrible coverage in the central valley. I really want to stop paying for Sprints lack of service. Its totally not worth it. Im stock with the termination fee and I should be allow to stop a contract when there is such terrible coverage. I think Sprint needs a new CEO and better strategy.
60. l, chicago said on 8/21/13 - 08:57PM
Sprint is really horrible, customer ethics are really bad they have reps that lie, don't even care if you are out of phone usage. Can not even be responsible for their own mistakes no apoligies!! Hidden fees when questioned they don't know how it came about, really how can someone work for a company and don't know their job qualifications??? And their customer service. I have given them so many zeros that it isn't funny.
61. Chelsi Cremer said on 9/6/13 - 01:05PM
Don't ever get SPRINT. Read all the comments before deciding to go with this company!!
62. wendy said on 10/29/13 - 08:46PM
not happy with my sprint customer care... 7 calls and still no answer.... getting pretty tired of them looks like A T T here we come..
63. Tiffany Wagner said on 12/2/13 - 01:34PM
I purchased an Optimus G - in six months the glass back broke - I had to pay a 150.00 deductible to get a new phone - within 9 days of getting the new phone; the front screen shattered when it was set down on a table. Sprint does nothing for this - other than tell you to file another claim (even though it was a refurbished phone that was sent to me) they have no customer retention skills - which I assume is why they are losing so much market share. Managment doesnt return any calls like they say they will.
64. steve said on 2/5/14 - 03:18PM
My sons phone was stolen so i called sprint and they put his line on a seasonal plane. what they failed to let me know was that his contract was extended from dec to march. i have 5 lines and the rest of them expire in dec. what crooks
65. SM12 said on 2/12/14 - 01:39PM
Sprint charged me $500 in data overage claiming I used 22000 gigabytes when my plan is set at 6 gigabytes. How does one go over by that much when you are not a gamer, don't watch TV online and are away from home over 10 hours per day. When calling customer service I was told well maybe I didn't realize through the christmas holidays that I had used that much. So now I have a hot spot that I won't use but can't cancel without pay an additional $200. I also have a $500 bill that if I don't pay within two weeks they are going to shut off my phone service as well.
66. Denise Williams said on 3/4/14 - 10:59AM
Hi, I have a problem with sprint cause ive had a bill for almost 700.00 and Ive been paying on it every two weeks. I called in to set up a payment arrangement and they denied me and turn my phone saying that I need to pay more money. My bill now is 292.00. No one said there was a limit to how many payment arrangement you can do.I've been with sprint for about six or seven years and I have never had a problem like this.
67. Ronald Junge said on 4/29/14 - 10:49AM
How funny,just spent half hr on here writing my complaint. took 6 times to get the image right.and was told i used the wrong language,everything was erased..lmao What a joke..This site must be related to SPRINT....Never get action from anything related to SPRINT...
68. Aaron janoer said on 7/3/14 - 06:52AM
UNETHICAL SNEAKY PRICE INCREASE!! I have been paying $1.99/month for sprint voicemail to text (writes my voicemails in text form) Without my permission, sprint shut off my service. To get it back I must respective in my phone & the price is higher unless I prepay 6 mos. I didnt give you permission to shut off this service. you had no right to do so. we have a contract. You have no right to raise my prices. I shouldn't have to take time to turn services on you had no right to shut off. You owe me an apology and compensation or I will be leaving AFTER 20 YEARS
69. Alison said on 8/20/14 - 04:03PM
Sprint is literally by far the worst phone company I have been a part of. These two years have been a waste of time and money and of course I regret it. Its like I never had a phone at all. The glitches I experienced were terrible, I couldn't even use this thing. Then they tell me that they can't compensate for the issues my phone has. It makes me sick. The second my contract is up, I will go somewhere else because Sprint is the worst with phone service.
70. JESSICA A. OLP said on 10/11/14 - 05:21PM
71. Matt B said on 10/14/14 - 06:24PM
They're flat out liberal hippie communists. They won't let me change their plan. I'm not even a valued customer and I've been with them for 8 years. It's evident they hate America because they're ripping off Americans. They all probably listen to Justin Bieber, drink French wine, and vote Obama just to make our lives more miserable while they profit off our misery. I seriously wouldn't doubt if they were responsible for this new One Direction fad going out that is sweeping the planet by storm. These foreign punks are killing our economy. Top provider for ISIS ... SPRINT! I heard they get better plans than we do! In all seriousness though, Sprint is terrible. You may have won the battle, but not the war. Dave K 2016.
72. Susan said on 12/2/14 - 03:50PM
I just left a comment on Sprints poor business and to no surprise Sprint wouldn't let me post my comment
73. JEFF said on 2/8/15 - 09:23PM
Ilive in Midwest City Oklahoma, There is a local Sprint Store on Midwest Blvd. I have been a Sprint Customer since 2001. I have five lines, this store is by far the most incompetent, rudest, dumbest people who work there I have ever encountered.
74. Sprint sux said on 3/16/15 - 04:17PM
They sell phones, if the phone doesn't work they won't refund you the prepaid card price, they make a ton of money on this and its unethical, a bunch of thieves.
75. linda said on 3/18/15 - 08:10PM
Same as SM12 #65. Data usage was inflated in order to charge more once I reached my monthly amount. They tell me I must be watching too many movies! I am not watching any and internet usage is light. Now I don't use the MiFi at all but they want me to pay for it and the service. Contacted the FCC which was not help at all. This can't be legal.
76. HUX ROADSIDE SERVICE said on 8/17/15 - 04:54PM
77. Mary said on 10/3/15 - 02:04PM
Nothing but bait and switch sales tactics in store. Came in - TOLD the Assistant Store Manager that I wanted iPhone6S base model. AFTER AN HOUR AND A HALF STANDING AT THEIR COUNTER - PROVIDING SS#, DOB, STREET ADDY and more, then he hits me with a bait and switch. "Oh- sorry - we're completely sold out of the base model. You can try again in a week or two OR you can buy this more expensive model TODAY. I walked out. Horrible.
78. Minerva Arocho said on 10/16/15 - 05:06PM
I have been with sprint over 11 years. I went to 14367 N. Dale Mabry HWY, Tampa, FL. 33618. The representative told me I could try a phone for 14 days and if I didn't like it I could exchange it. Now there is a $35.00 fee. I called the sprint 611 number and they will not do anything to help. They said its in the papers. So next time you should tie up the representative to read all the fine prints so you do not get charged another $35.00 activation fee as well as a $35.00 return fee. It cost $105.00 to try a phone. Know what you want before you enter if you even think about going with sprint. They are liars and take you for what they can. 11 years of being a customer and they basically tell you to kiss their rear.
79. Kolanda Daniels said on 11/17/15 - 01:03PM
Sprint has the most insensitive rude employees who they refer to as Customer Care, I could recall sprint being very professional. In the last 2 days I have been spoken to very disrespectfully, hung up on and additionally refused to be transferred to a supervisor on 2 occasions. My philosophy is; don't take the job if you don't like people and if problem resolution is not your strong suite. I have 3 lines of service and had been a customer for over 12 years; I will eagerly move my service to T-Mobile or Verizon because disrespect and bringing a customer to tears should NEVER be an option. Corporate Management really needs to address potential business loss to issues such as this.
80. mark pepe said on 12/12/15 - 10:16AM
1 of 4 I begin this post wit a quote which appeared in BOLD RED LETTERING denying my previous post attempt. As you can see they not only censor you content, they limit you to 1000 characters (typically 25 lines) which totally restricts all the NICE adjectives one can use in a single post to describe such "wonderfully helpful, mostly POOR ENGLISH SPEAKING, hard to understand 'OUTSIDERS" who have no real interest in helping you anyway. Therefore I use this 1 of 4 hopefully continuous posts to share my message? "It looks like your comment contains words that are not approved for this website. Your comment has been marked as spam and will not be posted. You can try posting a different comment. •Comment has more than 1000 characters" TO BE ONTINUED. Please read the remain 3 posts for you enjoyment
81. mark pepe said on 12/12/15 - 10:30AM
2 of 4 I have spoken to 8 different "Customer Care" persons today including a "supervisor". After many hours of non-stop attempts I searched out this web site. It is probably a bogus site just as customer care! during the +/- 4 hours, I was lied to 4 times and "disconnected" 2 times, told by the supervisor that he could not solve the problem and that he would "escalate" me to "Sprint Corporate" then he hung up on me when I asked what that meant. The last person "transferred" me to the equipment replacement department which ended up as a 20 minute hold then answered by Allissa in the "back office". She also put me on hold for an extended period of time? This is obviously a well trained staff that knows how to wear the customer down into submission so they give up on ever calling for assistance again!! But I was resolved to outlast the Sprint "Guerilla" Staff! TO BE CONTINUED
82. mark pepe said on 12/12/15 - 10:35AM
3 of 4 FYI REMINDER - I had 2 issues to discuss, the first a charge for "non-returned Airwave", the second was an account management issue thru "My Sprint" account. Allissa explained that I would have to go thru "My Sprint Account" to add Authorized users. Even though I had attempted this a dozen times today with the same result "a message reading "option not available" we proceeded to attempt a 13th time with the same result. She then directed me to initiate "Sprint Chat" however, sprint chat does not appear on the my web site. A skeptical Allissa attempted to initiate the "Chat" but also discovered it did not appear on her screen either!!!! TO BE CONTINUED
83. mark pepe said on 12/12/15 - 10:46AM
4 of 4 continued - After another 40 minutes with Allissa attempting to add authorized users to my account and access sprint chat she finally acknowledged she did not know how to achieve such simple task and the reason the "chat" ICON did not appear on our screens and was not available was because too many people were chatting; the result of which was the icon would not appear until chat traffic decreased. Needles to say my resolve has dissolved and I thanked her for her assistance and vowed to try again another day. Sprint Terrorist 1 - Customer 0 Problem is, all my friends with other carries admit to the same pitiful treatment. Nowhere to go for real Customer Satisfaction any more. EPILOGUE - My simple attempt to allow my son who lives in another state to upgrade his phone without my physical presence has been thwarted at every turn?? I have been a sprint customer since 1992 and their service quality has reached unimaginable depts.
84. Anthony d. Jones said on 3/10/16 - 04:12PM
Sprint store # 1861. I went in to rectify a challenge i had with my phone bill. The first Rep. was very kind, and understood what i was saying, but when she asked for help from one of the other asst's, this guy was over the top rude, and made comment to me that warrented a good ol fashon ass wooping. I am temp. disable, and a very calm man. he made a statement when trying to figure out my bill, and got lost when doing that, that ignorance is bliss. i do not stand for any body to talk to me like that, and when this contract is over, i will be switching to any body but sprint. the name of this jerk is Albert c. shaw, and he is the most rude jerk in the store. the manager came over and completed the trans action for me. but Mr. shaw did not make my visit good at all. the whole purpose of him even being there is to serve the customer, and he did not.. bad face on a customer generated business. my phone # is 310-722-1887
85. Dissappointed said on 8/2/16 - 01:56PM
WOW! Read some of these complaints. Mine is pretty much the same. Poor customer service! Ask a simple question and never get an answer. I would think that after 16 years with three lines all this time that you could get someone to help you. Is the CEO the same person? He used to come on TV and speak about how good Sprint is. Must not be there anymore. I would think Sprint would like to keep all of these customers that have been with them for 8 or 10 or 16 years! Guess not. Other companies do offer buyout options. Maybe this is why Sprint has to pay $650.00 for new customers. There are easier ways to make money. PLEASE DO AWAY WITH YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. Your CEO may want to check the BBB website for more complaints! CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! What happened to this motto? They do pay your salaries.
86. K. Kennedy said on 9/19/16 - 11:45AM
I am on my son's account and we recently moved to one of your competitors. In the process we found out that we needed to pay of the remainder of my contract. We paid it off yesterday and they said that it would take 2-3 days to unlock my phone so I could transfer to our new carrier. WHO DOES THAT! In today's world how can you not have your phone for 3 days. I personally do not use mine like most but I am at a loss with out it. I did stop by one of your stores yesterday after my son told me this and they said my phone should be unlocked with in a very short time.
87. Michael ONeill said on 10/19/16 - 11:56PM
wow they marked my comment as spam really? because i told the truth unbelievable thanks sprint hold on a second let me lube up this time before you insert it!!!!
88. chuck kelly said on 5/12/17 - 09:24PM
I have had it with sprint I have been with them for a very very long time. The past 2 years have been the worst. I am trying to up grade my phones(3)and they won"t even talk about it. And I am sick of talking to somebody in INDIA who you cannot even understand. I cannot wait for my contract to end. because I'm going to get far away from them.
89. Avis Craig said on 9/18/17 - 06:34PM
I am very upset with your customer service department at this time. I spoke to a gentleman who would not give his name on 9/18/17 at 5:35pm (hope that the call was recorded). My question was to upgrade a phone on my line. First of all I could not understand most of what he was saying, then he got an attitude because he could not explain the difference between the insurance I was already paying and the increased amount he wanted me to pay. After much negative talking about what I should do, I asked to speak to a supervisor. He put me on hold, the automated system came on and then I was disconnected. I called back only to speak to another gentleman and asked for a supervisor. He kept asking me for what? He also put me on hold only to come back 7 minutes later to tell me no supervisor was available. I been with Sprint since 2002, but I am so ready to switch to Verizon. This is unbelievable, is this the way you guys are suppose to treat or keep your customers?

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